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Should You Pay For Reupholstering For Your Old Houston Furniture?

Shopping for new furniture is not always an option. Even in Houston, where competition makes prices better than your typical United States city. Your favorite chair will eventually start showing signs of wear and tear and will lose its luster. Some of your furniture might look like it needs to be cleaned, there might be holes in the fabric, and other signs of damage might be showing. There is no need to throw away your favorite couch or armchair. We’ve got you covered and we can show you the superior options for the upholstery Houston area residents can count on.

Reupholstering old furniture is an option you should consider. A member from Angie’s List explained that she opted for reupholstering because she couldn’t purchase new furniture for less than $6,000.

Besides, she really liked her furniture. She had a sofa, a couple of club chairs and a side chair in need of reupholstering. She also had six dining room chairs that needed a few repairs. Reupholstering was the perfect way to make her home look better without having to buy new furniture.

Old furniture tends to be a lot sturdier and more durable than anything you can purchase in stores, especially if you are looking at low-cost option. Wooden furniture is designed to last, and you will be able to keep these pieces of furniture for several years if you take good care of them. Reupholstering quality furniture is a better option than purchasing newer and cheaper furniture if longevity is a concern.

If you are still hesitating between reupholstering your old furniture or shopping for new furniture, ask yourself if your old furniture has sentimental value. The quality of your old furniture is another factor to consider. Purchasing a newer sofa or a newer set of chairs can be cheaper than reupholstery, but new furniture might not last as long as repaired items.

Here are a few things you need to consider before opting for reupholstery:

How Much Will It Cost?

Reupholstery can be just as expensive as purchasing new furniture. Vivian Robinson is the owner of Vivian’s Re-Upholstery in Indianapolis and has extensive experience with this process. He explains that the cost of reupholstery depends on the amount of damage, the type of furniture you have and the materials that need to be used.

Larry Hughey is the owner of Hughey Hartman Upholstery in Sugar Land, Tx. He says that re-stuffing and reupholstering a cushion could cost almost $200. Fixing a couch that needs new springs, new backboards and that also needs to be re-stuffed and reupholstered can cost over $1,000.

The fabric is one of the main costs you will have to consider. A professional will need 16 yards of fabric or more for a couch and 7 yards or more for a chair. A yard of fabric should cost $40.  If you want designer fabric, count on spending $70 per yard. If you would like to have your couch or an armchair reupholstered with some high-quality velvet fabric, you will have to spend $200 or more per yard of fabric according to Hughey. Using more fabric also means that more labor will be required. Here are a few things that can cause the cost of labor to go up:

– If you need to have welt cords or fabric cords replaced or fixed.

– If you want to have shapes and patterns align.

– If you want to have a professional, create patterns by using a thread and adding buttons and knots.

Dan Kim owns Pro Furniture Doctor in Houston, Tx and explains that the cost of reupholstery is worth it if the furniture has sentimental value to you.

Consider the quality of your furniture and ask yourself whether or not it holds sentimental value before making a decision. You might want to shop around to get an idea of the prices of new furniture and to see what is available in your price range.

Buying new furniture is not always a good option since finding high-quality furniture at an affordable price is not easy. Reupholstery is a good choice because you can transform old furniture with new fabric. Your old sofa or chairs will look brand new, and you can choose colors and patterns that will work with a larger remodeling project for your home. Your old furniture will no longer look dull or damaged, and you will be able to keep using your couch or chairs for several additional years once the cushions have been re-stuffed.